Recruitment solutions

We spoke to a lot of researchers to find out what they want from recruitment.
The answer is pretty consistent – ‘clean’ respondents who are recruited precisely on spec.

If you already have a recruiter in The Talking Shop areas who you trust, then you already have the ideal recruitment solution should you want to use one of our studios.

If you don’t know any recruiters in the area then we have good relationships with a number of recommended recruiters and fieldwork agencies.  We can either organise the whole recruitment process or can simply put you in touch with a supplier so that you can sort it out directly – it’s entirely up to you.

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Thanks so much for making everything run so smoothly this week (and leading up to it). The respondents were great and so was everything about the facility. We really appreciate your efforts to reschedule floaters and give us a day of rest!
Jessica Moyer, Teen Research Unlimited, IL, USA